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Terms of Service

No one is allowed to post copyrighted material on this website. This website is dedicated to the archiving of Traditional Irish Music.

If you are editing a tune or a song, attempt to customize the style to be that which is common to the Pacific Northwest or Inland Northwest of the United States of America.

Accounts and Sign-In

The website is set up to sign musicians in to their individual account. Their account can be used for establishing playlists, marking their expertise on a tune (lead, follow or neither), recording what tunes they played during a group session, and viewing the sheet music of all tunes played during that session, in the order in which the tunes were played (or at least marked as played). By establishing their individual playlists, the website can recommend what tunes the present musicians have in common. By reviewing the history of tunes which were played in a particular order, the website can recommend what tunes might be played following a tune which one of the musicians (the one whose turn it is in a circle) suggested playing next.

Facebook Login

Each of the musicians in Spokane has a dedicated account. The account was manually inserted by Bryce after their attendance at their first or second session.
The musicians were able to sign in using their first and last name and either their email address on record or their phone number on record.
With the availability of Facebook Login, that sign-in method can be used in place of that personal contact information verification.
The email address used on a Facebook account must match the email address on-file for the website.
At this time, no account is immediately created, and Facebook login is only used to connect to an existing account. For the language assistance of Facebook staff reviewing this, that means that No new personal Facebook information is stored during the Facebook login process, and thus no special steps are required for the removal of Facebook-associated account information.

Facebook Privacy Policy

As stated in the preceding paragraph, no new information is acquired as a result of your Facebook login. We do not use cookies, nor do we sell your information to third parties, such as advertising agencies. Yada, yada. Blah, blah.

Compliance with Facebook Terms 4b

This is the wording of Facebook Platform Terms 4.b: Your privacy policy must comply with applicable law and regulations and must accurately and clearly explain what data you are Processing, how you are Processing it, the purposes for which you are Processing it, and how Users may request deletion of that data.

Here are each of those points, explained:

  1. "data you are Processing"
    1. The list of musicians present during a live jam session
    2. The title of each individual tune we have played, and preferably documented in the order of which we have played those tunes
    3. In the optional and rarely used login feature of the website, the name and email returned by the Facebook API are not stored in the database of the website, but are only used to compare your sign in credentials with your existing account.
  2. "how you are Processing it"
    1. The website has a mobile-browser-friendly form for the scribe (usually Bryce Morrison) to click on the names of the regular musicians who are present at the weekly session.
    2. The next form which is used throughout the session has one form field where the scribe types the title of any tune which is played.
    3. The result of that form submission is the recording of several rows, one per each musician, including the following data:
      1. Song ID
      2. Musician ID (you)
      3. Timestamp that the tune was played (in order to have an idea of which tune came before or after another)
      4. A unique identifying row number of the database table, created by auto-incrementation, required for the deleting or editing of particular rows
  3. "the purposes for which you are Processing it"
    1. To help musicians who are present at a session perfect the tunes which they heard, by providing them with sheet music and links to sample videos of others playing those tunes.
    2. To let the website suggest what tunes naturally follow a tune we started out with, in order to have two, three or four tunes in a "set" of tunes.
    3. The Facebook login, or the alternative of the name and either the 10-digit code (phone number) or email address provided by the musician at the time of joining the session email-list are used exclusively for the purpose of the user (the musician) to log in to the website and view their own history of tunes which were played when they were present.
  4. "how Users may request deletion of that data"
    1. Contact Bryce Morrison for the correction of your contact information, or the purging of your musician profile and history of tunes associated with your presence at a weekly music session. He will then run a set of MySQL commands to delete any tune history linked to you.
    2. In order for a musician to not be marked as present at a weekly gathering, their presence can be optionally ignored by letting one of the session leaders know (particularly Bryce Morrison, as he has been your scribe).

Account Creation or Removal

If you would like to have your account removed (especially if you are permanently moving out of Spokane), contact Bryce either by responding to the email sent to you with the sheet music PDF or by messaging him through the Facebook private group. You can also message Bryce via Facebook Messenger here:

If you are new to the circle of Celtic musicians in Spokane and would like to have a Spokane Sessions profile of your own, start a Facebook conversation with Bryce, providing the email address which you use to sign in to Facebook. This will become the same email address where the sheet music PDFs will be emailed to.